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Publicação de Artigo - Discente Douglas Rocha Almeida

O aluno Douglas Rocha Almeida publicou artigo intitulado: “A constructivist analysis of Taiwan's democratization: Structural problems and external factors (1991-2001)", na Revista da Escola Superior de Guerra, v. 34, n. 72, 2019.

O artigo está disponível através do link:  https://revista.esg.br/index.php/revistadaesg/article/view/1123

Resumo: Since scholars such as Samuel P. Huntington claimed that some cultures such as the Islam and the Confucianism are hostile to democracy, this work attempted to find out why Taiwan became a democracy despite this cultural obstacle. Therefore, this article’s objective was to understand why democratization can thrive in civilizations hostile to democracy. Aiming to accomplish such a task, this research used the explanatory case study as methodology. In this sense, it tried to identify causal relations between some external factors and the democratization in Taiwan from 1991 to 2001. By using Alexander Wendt’s constructivism, this work addressed Taiwan’s corporate identity and interests and investigated the changing in Taiwan’s type identity – from authoritarianism to democracy. In addition, it labeled the problems that Confucianism pose to democracy as structural problems. Similarly, the external factors considered in this study took into consideration China’s Hobbesian environment as well as the United States Lockean anarchy, both concerning Taiwan. To accomplish the goal, it tested the following hypothesis: The more Taiwan become democratic, the more it will benefit from the Lockean culture, and the less it will suffer from the Hobbesian anarchy.